Only Alpha Cradle forms have been proven to reduce preparation time, especially for difficult set-ups.  Reducing rates of misalignments reduces the number of repeated port films, saving therapists and physicians valuable time. No noxious smells or buckets of foam to stir with a stick!  Just precise, tried and tested foam that is measured by self-calibrating electronic scales accurate to within the nearest tenth of a gram.

Our unique and patented line of products has been awarded 7 patents, and been used in more than 2,100 cancer treatment centers and hospitals, located in 18 different countries around the world. Alpha Cradle brand products continue to be discussed in medical abstracts and presented in papers as playing a critical part in successful radiation therapy treatment programs.

Alpha Cradle Forms are Durable

Your patient can get in and out of a properly made form all day long without damaging it or changing its shape.
After 28 years, SMP offers more than 40 different anatomical forms, features 10 different sizes of foaming agents, and provides individual customized forms for your specialized needs.  


flaskIf you are an RTT educator, you can receive receive free samples of various Alpha Cradle immobilization and repositioning forms for your immobilization labs. You may also receive free copies of the Bentel book, “Patient Positioning and Immobilization in Radiation Oncology.”

Send us an email with:

  1. your name
  2. facility
  3. a line by line shipping address that accepts UPS shipments
  4. number of students
  5. date of your immobilization lab
  6. and we will send materials to you in time for your class.

Smithers Medical Products, Inc. offers this as a free service to the radiation therapy community. We will send one copy of the Bentel book as supplies allow, and one form for each two students in class. This allows one student to be the patient, and another student to make the form. Our program is designed to teach you the safe and effective use of the most successful immobilization and repositioning tool in the world. At the end of the course, you will be given the opportunity to complete the quiz. Those achieving 93% or better will receive a certificate of completion. Those who do not may review the course again and retake the test.

spinnerSo get ready to take the first course of its kind, and become an expert at immobilizing and repositioning your radiation therapy treatment patient.

No other company in the world matches the Alpha Cradle brand for built in safety and reliability.

Free training and testing for students

Whether you’ve used Alpha Cradle brand foam and forms in the past, or are a new student to radiation therapy, this course is for you.
This course introduces new information, new demo video-clips, and an online test to quiz your knowledge of government regulations, OSHA, EPA and FDA, and the correct use of our foams and forms.

How-To Videos

Making Alpha Cradle forms is Easy

Rising foam fills in the space between your patient and the form. When fabricated correctly, you'll have a deep mold of your patient in the desired set up position.